Deviant DEVX is a Hybrid Decentralized Exchange that has been developed to address the drawbacks of both centralized
 and decentralized exchanges. DEVX will offer the performance, reduced costs, and features that most professional traders require.

Technology for cross blockchain communication

The DEVX off-chain engine handles order book creation and order matching outside the BTS blockchain, since the alternative would make trading too costly and slow. DEVX applies several optimizations, including: transaction batching, secure database engines, buffering, CDN, First/Second Level Cache, off-chain fee processing, and others.

Lack of speed and throughput in executing orders

DEVX is built as a wrapper around the Bitshares (BTS)
blockchain, and will be able to achieve the sub-second latency
offered by centralized exchanges.

All completed trades will be buffered and later pushed to the
BTS blockchain in batches to guarantee transparency and
integrity with each trade.

Benefits shared in the DEVX community

DEVX smart coins will be used as the currency for paying a small transaction fee on each trade settled on DEVX. They will be converted immediately to the equivalent amount of DEV coins and moved to a community vault for the maintenance of the network, and to pay dividends to all DEV and DEVX holders.

Take a look at the initial design

We love simplicity in things! See for yourself:

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